1. What is Smartur 3D?

2. What is Student Home license?

3. What is School license?

4. What is Basic School License?

5. What is Premium School License?

6. What is "Premium Plus" School License?

7. Can we buy additional Student Home licenses along with the School License?

8. Do you offer a school district license?

9. What is Augmented Reality?

10. What is needed to view Augmented Reality Content?

11. What is stereo 3D?

12. What is needed to view stereo 3D content?

13. What is the minimum System requirement for running Smartur3d?

14. Can I request a model to be included in Smartur 3D library?

15. I found a bug where can I report it?

16. Can we get a discounted price for Smartur 3D?

17. We are interested in becoming distributors for smartur 3D in our area. Can you help?